16 July 2008


Hello, family!

Welcome to our new blog home! Feel free to post to keep the rest of us up to date on everything, from the important things going on in your life to vacation photos and everything else in between. I don't have everyone's E-mail addresses yet, so let me know the addresses of those who should be included here to add posts. If you have any trouble posting, let me know with an E-mail and I will help out. I miss you all and hope that this can provide a way for all of us to connect regularly until we meet again!

Much love,



Heather said...

Hi Everyone!!!

Jamie, thank you for setting this up. I'm so happy you were able to make it to our wedding. I hope you had a great time. I do appreciate you traveling all the way to NJ.

So now after all the festivities we are just trying to get back into the "normal" routine. Of course work is really busy, but that's a good thing. I hope you and Josh are doing well.

Let me know what is new and exciting with you.

Love you!

lisa said...

Hey Hez,

Your wedding was awesome, hope your honeymoon was equally good!! Want to see some pics when you get the chance.
Love you!

Jamie M. G. Bommer said...


We had a wonderful time at your wedding; everything was beautiful and you were just gorgeous and glowing! I hope you had a wonderful time too! Our trip to New Jersey and West Virginia was our best yet since we moved here, so we were happy to have a reason to get back up to New Jersey on one of our trips.

I definitely know what you mean about the "normal" routine...it took awhile for us, but I think that was because we returned from a honeymoon, a cross country trip, and then moved. Regardless, it takes awhile to settle back in, doesn't it?

I will be posting soon--possibly this weekend--with vacation photos and what not, so updates will be posted soon. I hope you and Jim are well and enjoying being newlyweds!