20 July 2008

Lazy Sunday

Having a wonderful Sunday afternoon snack: orange pekoe and organic strawberries. Hope you have all had a lovely weekend too!


19 July 2008

Vacation Home, Part I

Hello All!

I have added some photos to my flickr account, starting with the West Virginia leg of my recent trip. These photos are mostly with Joshua's family, as we spent the majority of our time there with his family since we would be traveling for the second half of our trip in New Jersey with mine. If you would like to take a look, they are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/28694071@N05/. Here is a preview:

Joshua and I had a wonderful time on the trip and were able to catch up with most of our friends and family that we have been longing to see. We went to most of our favourite spots in town to eat, met up with most of our friends still in town, went golfing, saw movies, and spent a lot of time with family.

I was happy to see water and so much green in the landscape--it was quite a novelty! Although it felt like we had more time on this trip compared to our previous trips home, it seems there is never enough time to do it all and so we are excited to return when possible.

Today Joshua and I plan to spend the day together relaxing and tomorrow there is church in the morning and trying out a new recipe for dinner. What excitement! Yesterday evening we went to see The Dark Knight, the new batman movie. It was quite good!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



17 July 2008


Hi everyone.

Thanks for setting this up, Jamie!!

There's not much new with me, just enjoying summer and trying to "raise" our new golden retriever/ yellow labrador puppy. I say puppy, but he's a 7 month old 75 pound puppy. Needless to say, Maynard is keeping us very busy.


16 July 2008


Hello, family!

Welcome to our new blog home! Feel free to post to keep the rest of us up to date on everything, from the important things going on in your life to vacation photos and everything else in between. I don't have everyone's E-mail addresses yet, so let me know the addresses of those who should be included here to add posts. If you have any trouble posting, let me know with an E-mail and I will help out. I miss you all and hope that this can provide a way for all of us to connect regularly until we meet again!

Much love,